How long until I receive my order?

Delivery within Australia is expected to take up to 2-5 days

International deliveries usually take between 5-10 days

How does the Lip Enhancement Gloss plump my lips?

We use naturally derived ingredients that generate an increased demand of blood flow and production of collagen to the lips. See our ingredients for further insight

Is this company based in Australia?

Yes, we are based in Melbourne, Australia and all our products are shipped from Australia

Am I supposed to feel a tingling feeling upon applying the gloss?

Yes, this is the desired reaction and result you should get. This sensation will usually last up to between 5 - 10 minutes which signifies the increased collagen production to the lips

How long should I expect the plumping effect to last?

Results generally vary from 3 - 6 hours from a single application. However, overtime with repeated and routine use results will last longer than this

Can I wear other products on my lips such as lipstick & lip liners?

Yes you can, our Lip Enhancement Gloss works especially well to lock in lip colour products such as lip stick and can be used underneath or on top